Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Tangerine Tango

The best of Pantone's color of the year: Tangerine Tango. 


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Shopping Guides

The new way to shop
Ever look online at your favorite store and find something you just have to have. But oh no! they don't have a website set up for you to shop online and there is no store in your area? Have no fear- there actually is an alternative for you!
SUDDDENLEE.COM is an online shopping site that allows you to shop from sites that don't sell online- then, for a small fee, they send out a trusty shopper to the store you want to buy from to pick up the items and then ship them to you. That item isn't in stock in one store? Not to worry they have shoppers all over the areas they ship to. That item is completely out of stock? Then they won't charge your credit chard. Simple as that. 

My New Favorite Site
I just stumbled upon a great new site called Looking for the perfect summer dress at the perfect price? I am drooling over all of the things I have found at Milanoo. 

Can't you just picture this with a pair of slingback flats or  some espadrilles? And at a price of only $51.99 why not. 

Neutral Suede Pumps
They are everywhere this season and are a great addition to your wardrobe that I HIGHLY recommend. How do you add them to your closet without breaking the bank? See below...

*Before you click the pictures and move to the links... can you determine which shoe is the cheap chic and which pair is the designer dud?

How to dress like Ivanka Trump when your bank account doesn't look like Donalds'
Ok so I am obviously having a shoe moment (see post below) and had to share this recent find. Looks like P. Hilton is not alone in cashing in her celebrity and style to create a great new shoe line. However, for those of us that can't afford a slice of the Trump life, which extends to the shoes apparently, I found a great alternative. 

Ivanka Trump Pinki Heels

Rack Room Skylar Heels
$27. 99
ps. the color is a lot more similar in person than in the picture

Paris Hilton makes shoes? What!?!?
Ok people I am embarrassed, completely and totally embarrassed to have to admit this to you. I kind of love Princess P. Not her exactly, more like her insane wardrobe and her ability to make any occasion the appropriate occasion for a tiara and diamonds. Therefore, the fact that she has a shoe line is literally making my life right now. Literally. 
I don't know which are my favorite- I want them all- and the best part is they are always at TJ Maxx. So next time you need some extra zing for your cocktail/going out repertoire don't overlook the party princess. 

Cheap & Chic
Because you don't have all day to find great places to shop- I did it for you!
What I am loving right now. . .

1. Asos
-This was a recent find for me and I am so glad I did; also good to know is that they carry petite sizes which is rare, so if you wear a petite make this site a regular for you.

2. Lulu's
-They only carry a limited number of each piece so be sure to jump on something if you like it and they have your size!

-Carries a lot of the same things as Lulu's so if you miss something on one site pop over to the other. Great for game day dresses, modcloth purposely has a retro feel which is really fun!

-If you have been following the blog up to this point you may realize I have a slight obsession with this brand. 

-Who doesn't love J. Crew at Forever 21 prices?
-It is only available online from Friday to Sunday each week. 
Get an Extra 30% off today only with code: SHOPNOW
-Great for basics, try everything on before buying, you are not allowed to return.

-Awesome London fashion designer.
-Available at a lot of outlet malls and in the sale section of the website. 

9. Express
-Because a lot of its clothing has the same feel as BCBG, especially the banded skirts and dresses right now, but minus the BCBG price.
10. EBAY 
-Do not be afraid of Ebay, when you find something great that you cannot afford Ebay is a great place to search for what you want at the price you want. Make sure you only buy from Top Rated Sellers and check the customer reviews before buying. I have bought a ton of BCBG on Ebay and have saved a bundle by doing so. 

11. Zappos
-My first pick for buying shoes.



Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Intern Inspiration

My Darlings,
I am moving to the Big Apple this Fall to take on the grownup world of the office for an internship I could scream I am so excited about. My first worry is- what is a girl to wear? I am working on assembling the perfect wardrobe and step one is find some inspiration. My goal is to find chic and sophisticated separates that are simple and timeless. Challenge is on. 

Step One.  






Monday, July 25, 2011

Monday Funday: Customizable Day Planners

You know when you are on the hunt for the perfect day planner- it needs to combine style, functionality and needs to wast no space since it cannot be too bulky to lug around all day. This is impossible to find. Impossible. But now, you can create your own through Franklin Covey. It may be a little pricey (around $30-$40) but it is well worth it- the first step to a fabulous life is an organized life. 
Here's to another Monday and another item worth the splurge.


Friday, July 22, 2011

Emma Watson All in Gold

Emma Watson is all grown up and strutting her stuff for this month's issue of Vogue. I hope you let her sophisticated gold color palette and strong red lip inspire you as much as they have me!


Thursday, July 21, 2011

Lazy Days of Summer....Dresses

Designers may be getting ready to pull out their Fall lines- but I am still breathing in this last bit of Summer for all it has in it- and that includes a ton of color. Below are some of my favorite picks:


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Fall Wedding Themes

A dear friend's engagement has inspired this post (and potentially more to follow) she is having a Fall wedding, but who wants to go with traditional pumpkin fall themes? Here is some inspiration to make your Fall wedding unique.