Thursday, June 2, 2011

Summer Dressing Pt. 1: The Nude Heel

This season nude heels are everywhere you look which is good news for a few reasons: 1. They go with everything & 2. They elongate your legs; making you look taller and thinner. 3. They are perfect for your Summer work wardrobe and can transition to after work and events in a snap. 
What is not to love!
 However, wading through the masses of them to find the perfect, ladylike pumps is a challenge. Below are a few of my favorites.

Not technically nude but who cares they are gorgeous and can function in the same capacity as a true nude!  Zara Blush Peep Toes- $49.99
Great for weekends and going out. Paris Hilton- $94.99
Vendio- $36

Cathy Jean- $45
 I personally own these and love them!

Note that none of the shoes above are patent leather- BEWARE of patent leather- some are great but nude patent can tread a fine line between cute and trashy.

Check back tomorrow for the perfect summer dresses to pair with your new nude heels!