Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Josephine + Mae: The Mission

         There are some women in life who love, appreciate and understand fashion. They are immediately recognizable by being completely on trend and always wearing what is now. Some are slaves to retail stores, while others weed through fashion week shows "dying" over leggings that cost more than a year's worth of my apartment rent.
          There however is a smaller and much rarer group of women. They are the style mavens.  They are an elite and elusive group somehow able to pick through vintage store bins, their mother's closet and a few things they found here and there and in the end look to die for. Style is not an effort for them- it is a consequence of their day to day existence. 
         While I do not claim to place myself in the latter category, my grandmothers, Josephine and Mae, filled their closest and their lives with pieces that suited them just right and allowed them to create their own mystery. So while we cannot all be born with this mysterious gift, the next best thing to do is to watch and learn from the women who do it best. 
         The goal of this blog is to inspire you to live in your clothes, allow your life to create a style for yourself (just as my grandmothers did) and to refuse to allow style to stress you out! The mission is to post tips, advice, things that have been shared with me by others or that I have found so that we can all find our inner style maven. 
        So from my grandmothers' closets to your own here's to great style and great mystery.

"Fashion comes and goes but style is forever"- YSL
   xoxo j.m.