Friday, January 7, 2011

Because aren't we all a little AKWARD & AWESOME?

Hello darlings-
A great blog I was lead to by my good friend Juliana, and I suggest you follow too, called The Day Book is calling all bloggers to take inventory of all things awkward and awesome in our own lives. Mine is as follows...

1. Riding in an elevator with someone you have met before but being unsure of wether or not you should say hello. 

2. Saying goodbye to someone and then realizing you are walking in the same direction. 

3. Waving back to someone and realizing they were definitely not waving at you.

4. The strange and overwhelming pressure I feel to check out perfectly at the Self-Check out line.

5. Arm rests- enough said. 


1. Getting the perfect ketchup to fries ratio- this is an art form people, do not underestimate what this can do for your day.

2. Getting dressed straight out of the dryer.

3. Coupons. Nothing makes me happier than getting things for free and finding a good coupon makes my life. It is pathetic I know. 

4. Finally making it past whatever was causing a huge amount of traffic. 

5. Eating ridiculous things for breakfast. ie: leftover takeout, birthday cake and anything you feel you could get away with putting maple syrup on.

So here is to your awkward moments and your awesome victories (no matter how small) without experiencing the awkward we would never truly be able to appreciate the awesome.