Thursday, January 13, 2011

Leather to Lust

Leather to Lust @ Prices that Please

One of the must haves of Winter/Fall is a great pair of boots.
Don't want to break the bank but are looking for a great new pair? 
J + M's list of favorites- click on the pics to buy and find!


Over the Knee
This style is looking to be a trend- think carefully about how much money you want to invest in these- you never know when you will have to retire them to the back of your closet until they come in again.


Worth the investment, these you will have forever and wear forever!



You may notice that all of these boots are in tans, camels and grey. Boots are a big investment and these colors will allow you to wear your new boots with almost anything. Think simple and don't buy until you find something you absolutely LOVE and the right price.
Once you choose a boot make sure to take care of your new purchase- buy leather cleaner and spray anything that is suede with suede protector.